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"Man 'O' fucking Man, these guys are good!

They tread the fine line between hard rock and metal with (metaphoric) steel capped
work boots!"

- The Music Producer -

The Witching Hour was founded by members all in their mid-teens who were committed to forming a band based on their shared passion for heavy rock. The band has since evolved to be one of the most premier young Australian rock bands on the scene. 

TWH 2021.png

With the band's debut single, ‘Lay You Down’ reaching No. 1 on the charts of Australian youth radio station Triple J Unearthed, they realised something special had come to fruition, they began taking their music around Australia.

Following the release of two more singles, ‘Under My Skin’ and ‘The Ritual’ the band again topped the charts with all tracks on Triple J Unearthed. With three consecutive No.1’s within 12 months, The Witching Hour ranked 11th in the country out of the Top 20 Most Played on Triple J Unearthed 2019.

In early 2020 a major tour had commenced when COVID19 abruptly changed everything, which resulted in gig cancellations and re-scheduled recording plans. Finally in October, the band managed to record and release their fourth single ‘Sleep with the stars’ which in 2023 has amassed over 1.2 Million streams through Spotify's own Playlisting. The track also received airplay in Australia, UK, Europe and the US.  As well, the single was selected by Alice Cooper to be featured on his worldwide syndicated radio program, ‘Nights with Alice Cooper’.

In 2021 The Witching Hour continued evolving by transforming their line-up with founding member singer/songwriter and guitarist Taime Marsh recruiting a rhythm guitarist Travis South, (Taime’s lifelong friend). In 2022 well known Australian drummer prodigy Jagger Alexander Erber stepped in to complete the genesis.


An exciting, new and formidable force has emerged.

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